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Waltham’s GREAT food scene is a big part of the Breezers Ball!

Everyone knows that Waltham has a vibrant and diverse restaurant scenes with something for everyone. Well, it shouldn’t surprise ANYONE that our great restaurants and markets contribute mightily to the success of the Breezers Ball year after year, and 2018 is no different!

Among the generous places that guests at the 2018 Breezers Ball can look forward to tasty treats from are…

  • Biagio
  • Brelundi
  • Café on the Common
  • Charcoal Guido’s
  • The Grill on Pine
  • Guanachapi’s of Moody Street
  • Karibu
  • Lizzy’s Ice Cream
  • Los Latinos
  • Panaderia Castellana
  • Panella de Barro
  • Taqueria Mexico
  • Waltham Popcorn

… with many more to come!

Get your tickets now to the 5th Annual Breezers Ball!